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Ex-Pat TV Newsletter – July 2013

Ex-Pat TV Newsletter – July 2013

Welcome to the July edition of the Ex-Pat TV Newsletter.

This month we want to talk about Ex-Pat TV and its position in the market place for IPTV services for Ex-Pats around the world. We want to do this because in the last 4 – 5 weeks, we have been consistently asked a very similar set of questions from our customers and dealers which we are keen to clarify.

There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the influx of suppliers to the marketplace offering what seems like a similar package to Ex-Pat TV and making similar claims as to the strength of the service being offered. So, we have taken the time to provide a brief summary of the questions we have been posed with and a set of answers to these questions. We would also like to invite our newsletter recipients to ask any other questions they may have about Ex-Pat TV which we will publish in the August newsletter. If you have a question which you do not wish to be published, please indicate this in your email.

How can other providers offer a similar service for a much smaller fee?
They can’t. This is the single biggest topic of conversation which we have been involved with recently. We here at Ex-Pat TV have invested significant amounts of resource into our IPTV service both in terms of cash and time. We have developed a system which is capable of carrying IPTV from the UK at 0.5mbps to all corners of the world. We have also purchased equipment from every other operator we have ever come across in the IPTV market and have not found a single provider other than ourselves capable of operating at this low level.

This explains the second big debate – PRICE!! In order to upload pictures in the manner that we do so that they do not buffer and are streamed without any interruption, we have had to install a Broadband uplink service so fast and sophisticated that the unit cost per subscriber is GREATER THAN the price that many other service providers are charging for the monthly fee. Sounds ridiculous? Well, it is!

To upload pictures onto this kind of service and to stream them around the globe is an expensive business. We have positioned servers now in 7 locations around the globe to support this bandwidth speed requirement meaning that we can supply an infinite number of subscribers with UK, Greek, US and Scandinavian Television pictures anywhere on earth. There is not another service provider in the world offering UK TV direct to a Set top box that has yet got close to this. Which is why, we never have “outage periods”, we never get buffering, and we never get customers sending equipment back because it doesn’t work!

I know we have not answered the question actually posed yet, and the above analysis doesn’t really help, but the truth is, it is not difficult to find feeds of UK TV and other terrestrial TV providers for that matter, and re-use them around a Virtual Private Network. The two problems with it are that the feeds are not their own, meaning they do not have any control over them, and there is only a finite number of subscribers you can put on such a network before the system starts to stall and the customers get a product which they cannot use.

Cheapest is not best.

Does Ex-Pat TV have any other names?
We have been posed this question recently by a number of dealers wishing to know if other companies were operating around the world as dealers of ours but using different names and charging different prices. Ex-Pat TV has an Approved Dealer Network around the world for which anyone is allowed to apply for status. However, there are two very important stipulations to being a member of our Dealer Network. Firstly, all of our dealers who sell our services do so at the same price that the services are advertised on our website. Secondly, all of our dealers sell our product under the banner of Ex-Pat TV. No dealer has or currently does operate under ANY other name. So, if it sounds similar to our name or web address or looks like the same marketing literature, it is NOT us, it is yet another service provider following in our footsteps.

What is Ex-Pat TV?

1. We do not use a Virtual Private Network, so you don’t need one.
2. We do not use PC’s, so you don’t need any IP masking software.
3. We do not use a Slingbox service; so again, you do not need a Slingbox!

In fact, all you need is a broadband router and a TV set. Picture a Freeview box from the UK, which instead of plugging into your TV aerial, you plug into your broadband router.

That’s it! No VPN, no PC, no IP masking! Just a Set Top Box, and a TV (and a comfy armchair for you) gets you LIVE TV from the UK.

Try it now for FREE

Due to the fantastic uptake of the service, we are continuing to offer our Ex-Pat TV Free Trial service, because, well, people just don’t believe us when we tell them what this box can do with 0.5Mbps of bandwidth, a plug socket and a TV set. If you don’t, then try it out in your own home on an iPad, an iPhone or your PC. Okay you won’t see it on your TV set, but you will get the bandwidth test and see that it is possible to watch UK TV abroad, direct to your TV set, without a VPN, without a PC, without masking your IP address, and without using a Slingbox!!

Remember if you like us, please come and be our friends on Facebook. If you want to track us on our journey, come follow us on Twitter. We regularly update these pages with new information about channel packages, programming content and much more and we would love for you to be a part of it.

To find out more about Ex-Pat TV, visit us at www.ex-pat.tv or email us at info@ex-pat.tv. We would love to speak with you about UK TV channels in your country.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.

Ex-Pat TV
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