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Can I swap from my current supplier if I am unhappy?

Yes. We can add My TV Abroad to most existing set-top-boxes, just give us a call. We also offer a free trial, so you can try before you buy.

Do I need a Computer to make this system work?

No. The My TV Abroad™ box is a set-top box much like a standard Freeview receiver. It requires only a 0.9MB broadband bandwidth to operate.

Can I watch channels that are broadcast in High Definition?

Yes. The My TV Abroad™ set-top box has a HDMI connection; meaning you can view HD programming in perfect picture clarity.

Can I try My TV Abroad for free before I buy?

Of course. Please contact us via our Contact Page to request a 24 hour free trial on your iPhone or iPad. This will give you an idea of the quality of the service before you buy your set-top-box for your TV.

Is this system available worldwide?

Yes. Provided you have access to a 0.9MB broadband connection, you can use this system anywhere in the world.

Is there a minimum contract I need to sign up to?

No. There is no minimum contract. We charge monthly for the service, if you decide you do not wish to use the system any longer, you simply terminate your payment method.

Can I pay for my service monthly?

Yes. The My TV Abroad™ service is available on a monthly basis putting you in complete control of your viewing. Please see our packages & pricing page for details.

What happens if I move house?

You simply take the set-top box with you. We only use the address you give us at time of order to ship the equipment to you. Once you receive it, you are free to use it wherever you like. You can even take it round to friends and neighbours’ houses if you are having a gathering.

Do I need to use any IP masking software such as Ex-Pat shield to make this work?

No. You can use any IP address in the world to operate our system as the data downlink begins at our data-centre.

What if I change my mind?

We are so confident in the package that we offer a 7 day no-fuss money back guarantee. If you cannot obtain the channels you want in your location for example, simply return the equipment to us and we will refund your payment.

Is this Catch-Up TV?

No. This is 100% live Television. You will be watching the same pictures as a friend back home in the UK will be watching.

Do you have a Catch-Up facility?

Yes. The My TV Abroad™ set top box comes with its own Catch-Up facility, so if you miss any of your favourite TV programs, they will stay on the box for a period of two weeks, allowing you to go back and view them at your leisure. So, if you are a number of time-zones away from the UK, you can still view all of your favourite TV shows any time you wish. This option comes as standard on all receivers.

How long does it take from placing my order to receiving my My TV Abroad™ box?

We always endeavour to send equipment out the next day. In some remote areas, it may take up to 7 days to receive the equipment dependent upon local couriers. You will receive an email informing you when the product has shipped.