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Welcome to the Hotel & Commercial section of our website


We understand that no two individual clients are the same and with that in mind we try to bespoke to you the hotel the ideal solution for your clientele.

Whether your client base is from Europe or the USA we feel like we can offer you a suitable solution.

We already deal with a number of luxury hotels in Dubai, Spain, Greece and the Caribbean to name a few. As each hotel has different requirements to meet there clientèle needs we as a company offer that facility to them also.

Some hotels distribute a number of channels through their distribution system and this allows all rooms to take advantage of the service. Others have a set top box which they rent out on a daily and weekly basis to specific clients. No Matter which service you would like to offer your clients we give you the facility to control the system from your reception. This would allow you to change TV packages as and when required and also disconnect set top boxes as a client leaves or arrives.

More details of both services are available on request.

Hotel & Commercial FAQ’s

How easy is it to install in to my public area?

The simplicity of the My TV Abroad™ box makes installation easy. Connect the My TV Abroad™ set-top box to the router and then to the TV via the HDMI cable, connect it to the mains and watch the magic happen.

Can I watch more than 1 channel?

In the public area it depends on how many channels are in your package. You can select and watch any of the channels at any time. This works in much the same way as your existing cable or satellite receiver does now.

Can I show more than 1 program at a time?

Yes you can. To do this you would need 1 set-top box per channel required, you can then show as many different programs as you have set-top boxes.

Can we distribute around our Hotel complex?

Yes, much the same as the question above. If you want to distribute the system throughout your complex it would work in the following way.
You would select the channels you want to distribute. So for example, if you want to show 10 channels you would need 10 set-top boxes, each set on an individual channel – (again much the same as you have now for distributing channels). These will have auto-reboot which means if you have a power-cut or lose a connection, the receiver will automatically reboot on to the pre-set channel.

Will I need to re-cable my complex?

99% of the time the My TV Abroad™ system will integrate in to your current distribution system that you have in place. It would then be a simple case of re-tuning individual TV’s.

Can I offer this as a Premium Service?

We have a number of hotels who offer their clients two different types of service.

The first service is to offer their clients some channels for a fee, so their TV is the only one to receive the channels (much like your current VOD system). This would be wired in to your existing distribution system and would work alongside your current billing system.

The second is to offer rental of a set top box direct to the client. This would mean that you would carry stock of set top boxes. Each client can choose a package specific to them to view during their stay which you would install in to the client’s room. All you need to do is confirm that you have an adequate broadband connection. Please ensure that each apartment has an internet connection minimum of 1.5 Mb. Please note you can stop and start the service yourself on a simple computer program.