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Full 1080p HD at 1.3Mbps with new HEVC

Full 1080p HD at 1.3Mbps with new HEVC

My TV Abroad are proud to be selected by CTU Systems to trial their revolutionary HEVC software.

CTU approached us after reviewing a large number of IPTV service providers throughout Europe. After visiting our office, meeting the team and seeing how we work – they asked us to exclusively trial the software.

For those that don’t know, CTU have developed a fork of the HEVC standard to dramatically optimise its performance across the board. The result is that we can now stream full 1080p HD TV at just 1.3Mbps! Further more, we can stream normal 720p HD at 900Kbps, standard definition (SD) at 500Kbps and low definition (LD) at an astonishing 250Kbps!

Full HD streams at 1.3Mbps means that the market has been opened up not only for home or business users, but also to the mobile device market. We can now stream full 1080p HD over 3G and 4G!

The efficiency of the new technology also means that areas around the world that have up to now struggled to receive any IPTV service, can now enjoy high-quality viewing, even if their broadband connection is as low as 250Kbps (less than a quarter of meg!).

Thanks to the new technology and our current high standard of service, we are at least 18 months ahead of our competitors.

For more information on how you can benefit from an IPTV service from My TV Abroad, please call us on +44 (0)203 368 3866, or use our form here.