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Ex-Pat TV Newsletter – April 2013

Ex-Pat TV Newsletter – April 2013

Welcome to the April edition of the Ex-Pat TV Newsletter.

We have lots of news to tell you about this month and a newly launched Free Trial service so you or your customers, family and friends can try out Ex-Pat TV for free wherever you are. This way you can be certain you have sufficient bandwidth (even though you only need 0.5Mbps – more on that later) to use our service in your home.

New Web Video
We will be updating our website this week with our fantastic new video detailing exactly how the Ex-Pat TV service works. The video will be shown on the right hand side of each page as well as being posted on YouTube. Feel free to take a look at the video and give us your thoughts!

McGettigans Dubai
We have recently teamed up with McGettigans Irish Bars in Dubai to offer UK and Irish TV to their four bars situated in the United Arab Emirates. McGettigans were previously using Slingbox technology to stream live Irish content to their venues, but having seen the difference with Ex-Pat TV, they didn’t hesitate to switch to Ex-Pat TV. You can see the difference for yourself.

Wigan RLFC
We are proud sponsors of Wigan RLFC for the whole of the 2013 Super League season. We have purchased perimeter advertising from the Rugby League club enlightening the (Rugby League!) world to Ex-Pat TV.

We have recently joined forces with BritishExpats.com and Expat Blog to promote the Ex-Pat TV service to all of their members. We have been promoting Ex-Pat TV for a number of months to the memberships of these well established websites and have received some great feedback, and as a result a host of new customers have joined us.

Low Broadband Speed Requirement in South America
Due to the poor broadband connections in some parts of the world we have downrated the required bandwidth of Standard Definition channels to just 0.5Mbps. Due to the addition of another local server this service is now available throughout South America at this bandwidth speed. Don’t believe us? Get a free trial today!

What is Ex-Pat TV?
Believe it or not, we do still get asked a great deal of questions about how our service works and what our Set Top box does. The reason for this is that our service is such a change from the way UK TV is currently retransmitted around the world that a lot of people simply don’t grasp first time how it works. So here goes…

1. We do not use a Virtual Private Network, so you don’t need one.
2. We do not use PC’s, so you don’t need any IP masking software.
3. We do not use a Slingbox service; so again, you do not need a Slingbox!

In fact, all you need is a broadband router and a TV set. Picture a Freeview box from the UK, which instead of plugging into your TV aerial, you plug into your broadband router.

That’s it! No VPN, no PC, no IP masking! Just a Set Top Box, and a TV (and a comfy armchair for you) gets you LIVE TV from the UK.

Try it Now for FREE

Due to the fantastic uptake of the service, we are continuing to offer our Ex-Pat TV Free Trial service, because, well, people just don’t believe us when we tell them what this box can do with 0.5Mbps of bandwidth, a plug socket and a TV set. If you don’t, then try it out in your own home on an iPad, an iPhone or your PC. Okay you won’t see it on your TV set, but you will get the bandwidth test and see that it is possible to watch UK TV abroad, direct to your TV set, without a VPN, without a PC, without masking your IP address, and without using a Slingbox!!

Remember if you like us, please come and be our friends on Facebook. If you want to track us on our journey, come follow us on Twitter. We regularly update these pages with new information about channel packages, programming content and much more and we would love for you to be a part of it.

To find out more about Ex-Pat TV, visit us at www.ex-pat.tv or email us at info@ex-pat.tv. We would love to speak with you about UK TV channels in your country.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.

Ex-Pat TV
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