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When the satellite TV broadcasts disappeared from the Canary Islands of UK, Irish and Pan- European TV stations with all your favourite channels, the islands have been flooded with the most unbelievable “free TV forever” offers that continue to disappoint many people.

Somewhat unbelievably, people continue to walk into the trap of these unregistered and usually backstreet “solutions”. They are even satisfied that they usually come with guaranteed buffering, huge broadband requirements and constantly interrupted programmes.

There is actually only one solution that is guaranteed to work.  And if it doesn’t we will give you your money back. Ask anyone else selling one of the many outrageous solutions for that 100% guarantee and see what answer you get! Or, go here and read a totally independent review of what we offer.

Canary Islands Ex-Pat TV allows you to view live TV without a PC or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). There’s no need for constant software updates and re-programming of your box and no need to shield your IP address or whereabouts because you are doing something that’s not quite correct. And, we will deliver HD quality viewing in HEVC/ H.265 with just 1.3mgs or standard TV pictures as low as 500 Kbps of broadband. No other company can offer you 15+ channels of HEVC


With the exclusive backing of and partnership with UK Trade & Investment, this is the low cost guaranteed answer to uninterrupted British, Irish and nearly all Pan-European TV Channels in the Canaries for the long term.

Just watch it all LIVE, on a TELEVISION, sitting in the comfort of your armchair. And, as a bonus, you can watch 2 weeks of on demand catch-up TV on the most popular program’s on the popular channels..

We provide a high-quality service to Canarian residents, villa rental owners and businesses. Ex-Pat TV is even on view in the bedrooms of some of the islands top hotels as we deliver far beyond the standard IP service. And we can even offer a separate “Travel on the Go” connection for your iPad or iPhone that you can watch anywhere in the world.

We are at the cutting edge of technology and way ahead of the competition but we are also always on hand to assist you, delivering excellent customer support and high quality service.

We believe you will be amazed at the quality we deliver and more than happy at our unbeatable prices.  And you will get unrivaled 24/7 local support and service.

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Canary Islands Ex-Pat TV
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